The UNICEF Health Systems Strengthening Approach

Two women watch over a baby.


UNICEF envisions health systems that reliably deliver integrated service packages for children, adolescents and reproductive age women, focusing on health, nutrition, WASH and HIV. A strong health system also facilitates child protection services and is linked to social protection and social welfare initiatives, as well as the education sector, particularly for alleviating poverty, improving health literacy, screening and promoting early child development (ECD). It pays special attention to services for girls and women and those with disabilities, and is a conduit for social and behaviour change communication. It collects and transmits data on the health, nutrition and development status of individuals and communities, and informs those responsible for developing and implementing social and economic policy. All these areas are necessary to ensure optimal child and adolescent survival and development, as well as national and global socio-economic development. Their integration is a key element of a strong health system.


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