Engaging with the Food and Beverage Industry

UNICEF Programme Guidance

child eating from a bowl


The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry plays a central role in the production, distribution, marketing and retailing of foods that are consumed by millions of children and adolescents across the world. As such, the F&B industry is a key driver and shaper of global and national food systems, impacting children’s nutrition, growth and development globally and locally through its practices and products.  Given its influence, the F&B industry can and must be a force for good, for all children, everywhere, without exception.   

UNICEF’s Programme Guidance on Engagement with the Food and Beverage Industry aims to ensure the effectiveness of our programmes by maximizing the impact of UNICEF’s thought and action leadership and protecting the credibility of UNICEF as a trusted advisor to governments and partners. To achieve this objective, UNICEF programmes will contribute to ensuring that the policies, practices and products of the F&B industry around the world are aligned with children’s right to food, nutrition, health, information, protection, and a sustainable planet. 

photo of child eating