A brighter life for every child with sustainable energy

Boy with solar panel
2021 UNICEF/UN0487728/Frank Dejongh


UNICEF recognizes the integral connection between equitable access to energy and child rights. Where sustainable energy access is lacking or unreliable, children and young people pay the biggest price as they are one of the single most-affected groups due to lack of energy access. The impacts threaten to undermine decades of progress on every child’s ability to survive, grow and thrive.

UNICEF deploys sustainable energy solutions across health; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); education; and social protection sectors. UNICEF’s sustainable energy initiatives include paradigm-shifting, global activities, solar seawater desalination projects, community-level energy access for education and social protection programmes, and more.

This publication highlights UNICEF’s sustainable energy efforts around the world within and across multiple sectors — showcasing best practices, lessons learnt and investment cases. 

Climate, Environment, Energy and Disaster Risk Reduction

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