"Learn with Me" video series

Children share inspiring lessons on new skills they have learned during the pandemic.

Learning in Egypt: a girl spins a basketball in her room
09 October 2020

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of millions. But despite school closures and other lockdown measures, the young people in this video series are finding new and interesting ways to stay engaged whilst coping with home-schooling and staying indoors. From dance to sport, from cooking to art, they are turning to their passions and interests to stay positive and learn new skills. 

Each story is a window into the life of a young person who inspires with original tips for learning something new.

It’s time to reimagine a better world for every child. Check back for new episodes in our #LearnWithMe series.

Uruguay: Roni’s banana bread recipe


Roni, 12, lives in Montevideo, Uruguay with his parents, two siblings and their dog. He is a self-taught skateboarder who loves to cook in his spare time.

He finds the best thing about the pandemic is that he has a lot of free time to cook, skateboard and read. His advice for other children during the pandemic: “Do something you’ve never done before.”

Indonesia: Crafting characters with Quinsha


Quinsha, 9, feels like she’s at school even though she’s at home thanks to her family. Every day she and her little brother have school lessons with their mom who is also now their teacher.

When she’s done with learning, she spends time with her family, playing with her brother or preparing meals with her grandma who says it’s like making crafts – except with real food. “When I get stressed about it [the virus], I just like to draw and then suddenly I just feel better,” says Quinsha.

Brazil: Dancing with Gabriel and Sofia


Gabriel, 15, and Sofia, 11, live with their large family in Curitiba, Brazil. They both love to dance and watch Youtube videos to learn and improve their moves. It inspires them to improvise and create more.

They keep busy and try to stay away from worrying by being close to their family, playing with their dog, learning online and dance. “I know it’s not always possible but I believe in positivity,” says Sofia.

Egypt: Basketball and pancakes with Hala


From her room, Hala, 12, makes basketball videos with her friends for TikTok. They invent new moves and pretend they are training on the court. She has also learned cooking, yoga and gymnastics during the lockdown.

She finds self-reliance to be the best part of learning at home. Her advice to anyone upset about being at home: “Do things that make you happy.”

Greece: Zack’s lesson in time-management


For Zack, 18, knowledge is everything in an ever-changing world. After arriving from Ghana on a boat, he embraced school and learning. But coronavirus and the lockdown changed everything and he has had to look for new ways to stay focused and motivated.

He likes to plan his day and works towards his future goal of owning his own organization that helps other children. His recommendation? “Make a schedule for your life.”

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