‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ with two seasons this spring on NOVA TV

The show kicks off with a mini charity season to support UNICEF causes in Bulgaria

23 January 2023
Your face sounds familiar
UNICEF Bulgaria/2023

Sofia, 23 January 2023. This spring, NOVA TV will surprise its viewers with two seasons of one of the most favourite shows in Bulgaria – ‘Your face sounds familiar’. The show will kick off with a mini charity season on 12, 13 and 14 February at 20h. The special edition of ‘Your face sounds familiar, for every child’ is prepared together with UNICEF and aims to support three causes related to the children in the country. Immediately after that, NOVA launches the traditional season of the show entertaining viewers each spring in the last decade.

There will be three hosts of the ‘Your face sounds familiar, for every child’ mini-season. Next to Dimitar Rachkov and Gerasim Georgiev – Gero will stand NOVA news anchor Ani Salich. Eight celebrities will take part in the charity season singing in a duet with eight talented children. The contestants from each duet will impersonate a different celebrity singer. Nencho Balabanov, Kalin Vrachanski, Titi Papazov, Krassi Radkov, Maggie Dzhanavarova, Lucy Dyakovska, DesiSlava and Vicky Terziyska will take the stage, ready for new transformations together with their little partners. At the jury table will sit producer Magardich Halvadjian, NOVA news anchor Nikolay Doynov, President of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Iliana Raeva and world-renowned violinist Vesko Eshkenazi.

On 12, 13 and 14 February (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) at 20h in each of the three broadcasts, NOVA viewers can support three different UNICEF causes in Bulgaria by SMS voting for their favourite duet.

The first live episode will be entitled ‘Protection for every child’ focusing on emotional and physical violence against children. With the funds raised by the SMS votes during the first evening, UNICEF will directly support 300 children and 250 parents in the three Child Advocacy and Support Centres ‘Zona Zakrila’. and reach 1800 children via frontline workers on the prevention of violence against children.

On Monday (13 February), the cause will be devoted to children who cannot speak so that they have the opportunity to communicate and learn. The cause called ‘A voice for every child’ aims to raise the necessary funds with which UNICEF will directly support another 500 children in Bulgaria, including by providing them with personal tools of communication. Another 1,500 teachers, professionals and parents from all over the country will be trained to use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools, such as the free-of-charge Cboard application.

The cause of the final evening of the show, on February 14, will be related to the youngest children under the motto ‘The best start for every child’. The aim is to draw attention to the physical health of toddlers but also to their socio-emotional and cognitive development because the earlier these difficulties are detected, the better chance the child has of overcoming them. 

UNICEF Bulgaria will work with the government on building a national early intervention system. With the funds raised, UNICEF will support 1,500 families in the country and train 150 professionals.

On 19 February, at 20 h., the regular season of ‘Your face sounds familiar’ starts on NOVA.  It will include eight more brave stars and a duo who will compete to be the best impersonator in Bulgaria. Hosts of the show will again be Dimitar Rachkov and Gerasim Georgiev – Gero. Who the participants will be and who will give the ratings, NOVA viewers will find out immediately after ‘Your face sounds familiar, for every child‘.

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