What we do

UNICEF works in the best interest of children in Uzbekistan

Our programme priorities in the country

We see a child as a person with individual needs to survive and thrive, whose rights need to be addressed in full measure.

We focus on the disadvantaged child so that a fair chance for all children can be ensured.

This helps us develop a holistic approach to address different needs of the child to lead a life full of joy, hope and dignity.

Child Protection

In order to address critical issues regarding child protection in Uzbekistan, UNICEF is pursuing a multifold strategy which includes continuous advocacy and provision of technical support for the development of policies and legislation related to child protection, improvement of capacities of various professionals to create protective environment for all children and awareness-raising on child protection issues among general population.

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Child Health

Initiatives in this field have included integrating international standards and practices into safe mother and child care, training healthcare providers, and supporting high impact, cost effective maternal and child health programmes. UNICEF is also dedicated to enhancing preventative medicine in Uzbekistan. Within this field the agency has conducted nationwide immunisation initiatives, developed and ensured the implementation of laws regarding nutrition and food fortification, and promoted exclusive breastfeeding through the Baby-Friendly Hospitals Initiative, advocacy programmes and public awareness campaigns.

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Uzbekistan became a member of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in September 2013 after submission of a comprehensive Education Sector Plan (ESP) for 2013–2017. On 28 June 2014 the GPE Board of Directors approved Uzbekistan’s application on Programme Implementation Grant for implementation of the project to increase access of children of age 3–6 to quality early childhood care and education in rural pre-primary institutions, and to improve conditions for better learning outcomes of rural secondary schools’ students.

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Social Policy

In line with the framework outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the state programmes related to child well-being, UNICEF’s social policy programme has supported the Government of Uzbekistan in two critical areas. Firstly, it has worked with national partners to develop child sensitive, equity-focused social protection and public finance systems. Secondly, it has worked to build on and strengthen the national child rights system to ensure integrated implementation and monitoring.

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