Point-of-care for HIV early infant diagnosis - technical bulletin

Information on HIV early infant and viral load point-of-care (POC)/near POC nucleic acid detection technologies available for procurement through UNICEF.


Point-of-care (POC)/Near POC virologic technologies for HIV early infant diagnosis (EID) and viral load (VL) monitoring are automated or semi-automated systems for nucleic acid detection. These systems are integrated and typically comprised of an instrument platform, protocol software, and disposable test cartridges. The cartridges contain all reagents and internal controls required for the assay in a stabilized form and as such each cartridge runs a single test.

Samples are applied directly into the cartridges with no further sample processing required. The self-contained cartridges are specific to the platform and protocol software (closed systems). These technologies can reduce the turnaround time for results, detect multiple targets (polyvalent), facilitate decentralization of testing through placement at lower level facilities with limited laboratory infrastructure where it can be operated by a non-laboratory health worker after minimum training.