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URGENT ALERT: Fraudulent ECD Training Scheme

UNICEF South Africa/2020



UNICEF South Africa wishes to distance itself from an early childhood development (ECD) training that is currently being shared on various platforms and which claims to be supported by UNICEF.
Please be informed that UNICEF:

  1. Does not have a partnership with the Maseru Foundation or any organization that claims to provide this particular training.
  2. Has not endorsed any training as indicated in the adverts that are being circulated.
  3. Has not given permission for the use of the UNICEF name and logo.

Sponsor a Box, Sponsor a Child, Sponsor a Future

UNICEF South Africa/2019


The festive season has come and gone, and children around the world are closing their eyes with memories of candy-filled stockings and gift boxes. For many, the magic of Christmas celebrations is all about the children and how their faces light up as they unbox their gifts under the glow of the tree. These are the faces of the children we know and love, the children whose names are known to us.

But what about the multitude of children who did not gather around a tree, who did not receive boxes wrapped in ribbon, and whose daily reality looks a whole lot different from those on Santa’s Wishlist?

South Africa Budget Briefs 2019/20

South Africa Education Brief 2019/20

Budget Allocation and Spending on Children in South Africa

Annually, UNICEF conducts a review – titled the “Budget Briefs” - of the main social sector budgets (basic education, social development and health) as well as the overall the national budget. The purpose of these budget briefs is to inform interested audiences on the spending trends and outcomes in each of these sector budgets. We believe that by providing up-to-date and accurate information, stakeholders can use the information for their own advocacy purposes and stay abreast of the most recent developments in their respective sectors.

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