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Gala Event in South Africa with UINICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra




On 6 May this year, UNICEF will present its first Gala event in South Africa to engage some of the most respected, high-profile individuals in the country to leverage their support to enhance care and protection of children from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

UNICEF’s inaugural fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Rosebank, Johannesburg, is a VIP event that will help catalyze further investments for children in need.

Learning Through Playing: launch of online training for Early Childhood Development and the Foundation Phase

Learning through play



Evidence shows that a play-based approach to learning allows children to better understand mathematical and language concepts and to become creative, solution-oriented learners who are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. Implemented by the Department of Basic Education in partnership with UNICEF, the LEGO Foundation and Cotlands Learning Around You is an innovative online training, accredited with the South African Council of Educators, that will equip 150,000 professionals to effectively implement play-based learning based on the National Curriculum Framework.

mHealth and Young People in South Africa

mHealth and Young People in South Africa


This report identifies digital resources targeted at providing adolescents and young people in South Africa with sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning and healthy pregnancy information and advice. The report explores young people’s self-reported online behaviours and preferred sources of information on health-related issues and their experiences with using their mobile phones including the enablers and barriers to the use of mobile phones for health-related activities. Data was collected during the period from November to December 2015.

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