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Inclusive education gives Innocent bright aspirations for his son’s future

UNICEF Rwanda/2018/Houser


“When Olivier was very young, I began to notice that he had developmental disabilities. He was not even able to urinate. I asked myself, would he even be able to grow?”

Innocent Ntawimenya and his wife live in Ruhango District, in the Southern Province of Rwanda. Innocent has seven children, but his son Olivier has a mental disability. Growing up, Olivier had weak motor skills, and he was not able to hold even small objects. Innocent grew more and more concerned as Olivier failed to learn and grow at the same rate as other children in their neighbourhood.

Over 50 Rwandan youth attend the third annual “Reading Data with Children” event

UNICEF Rwanda/2017/Rusanganwa


The room was abuzz with discussion. Pens scratch hurriedly on note pads to jot down important notes and questions they do not want to forget. Over 50 young students whisper to each other, discussing topics like the rate of school dropouts per district and national levels of malnutrition. They wait excitedly for their opportunity to take the microphone and share their thoughts. As an important curtain-raiser for Africa Statistics Day, “Reading Data with Children” has become one of the most important events for the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) and UNICEF.

Situation Analysis of Children in Rwanda

Situation Analysis of Children in Rwanda:- Summary report

The Situation Analysis of Children in Rwanda provides a comprehensive overview of the status of children, covering a wide spectrum of issues relating to children in Rwanda, including health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education, social protection, education and child protection. It highlights progress linked to key indicators, policies and strategies that guide each sector – and proposes measures to support children in their development and the achievement of their full potential.


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