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UNICEF Deputy Executive Director of Programmes Omar Abdi visits Rwanda

UNICEF Rwanda/2018



When I was a child, I also learned in a rural school like this one. My mother could not read or help me with my homework. But she found other ways to help me. She would sit next to me and burn wood so that the mosquitoes would not bite me while I studied.”

Parents at G.S. Rurenge school in Rwanda listened earnestly to Mr. Omar Abdi, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director of Programmes, while he spoke to them about the importance of education and how they could support their children.

Reaching across borders to save the lives of newborn babies

UNICEF Rwanda/2018/Houser



Imagine you are a nurse working in a small hospital. It is crowded, with too many patients and too few doctors. You are about to help a young mother give birth to her first baby. The baby has come several weeks too early, and you know this will be a risky delivery. During labour, something goes wrong, and you must act quickly to save the life of the mother and her child. You are frustrated, unsure what the problem is. Your hospital lacks the medical equipment you need to take action.

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