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IKEA Foundation provides UNICEF a new grant of over €3.5 million to expand early childhood development programmes

UNICEF Rwanda/2017/Houser




To support early childhood development in Rwanda, the IKEA Foundation has awarded UNICEF a new grant worth over €3.5 million. This grant will allow UNICEF to continue its work with the Government of Rwanda and civil society organisations to transform the way families and communities nurture their children.

This grant from the IKEA Foundation will allow significant expansion of early childhood initiatives in Rwanda. In addition to expanding access to pre-primary education, programmes will include parenting sessions for caregivers, and improved nutrition and child protection services, allowing over 40,000 Rwandan children to have happier, healthier childhoods.

Silent Advocacy: How Statistics Empower

UNICEF Rwanda/2017/Matsuda

Mutabazi, a 16-year-old student at Institute Filippo Smaldone, shares his ideas with the UNICEF team by using sign language. Like the other 168 students at his school, Mutabazi has a hearing disability. But that doesn’t stop him from dreaming big; after graduation, Mutabazi plans to become an architect.

A little more than a year ago, Mutabazi attended the Reading Data with Children event organised by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) and UNICEF. During the event, Mutabazi learnt about Rwanda’s socio-economic statistics for the first time.

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