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UNICEF Rwanda commemorates the organisation’s 70th anniversary with a special screening of “The Beginning of Life”

UNICEF Rwanda/2016/Mugabe



During a special event at Kigali Century Cinema this week, UNICEF Rwanda celebrated the organisation’s 70th anniversary of tireless work for children, as well as 30 years of successful collaboration with the Government of Rwanda and its partners. This week’s event began with a reception at the theatre, uniting UNICEF’s partners from the Government and civil society, donors, the diplomatic community, and UNICEF staff in order to celebrate together the achievements made for children in Rwanda.

More than 600 Rwandan children celebrate the 11th National Children’s Summit with the theme “Positive Parenting: Foundation of Culture”

UNICEF Rwanda/2016




Alphonsine Uwineza, a young girl from Gakenke District, stood up and fearlessly grabbed the microphone. She turned towards the members of the panel and asked, “What are you doing about vulnerable and disadvantaged in Rwanda? What progress is being made for them? And what about the Itorero meetings? Our country’s leaders gather there for development discussions, but children are leaders too. Why can’t we also attend?”

UNICEF Rwanda Mid-Term Review Report: Country Programme 2013-2018

UNICEF Rwanda Mid-term Review Report: Country Programme 2013-2019


The mid-term review of the UNICEF Country Programme 2013–2018, designed in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, provided UNICEF and its partners the opportunity to refine and sharpen the focus of the country programme. This review documented evidence of achievable and sustainable results, identified areas that can be strengthened or revised, and shared experiences and lessons learned. Necessary adjustments will be incorporated into the remaining period of the country programme and will inform the planning of the next programme cycle.

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