Core Resources Annual Report 2023

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A mother playing with her child lifting him up


Core Resources (RR) provide the bedrock funding that makes UNICEF’s commitment for every child, and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), possible.

In the RR Report 2023 you can read how UNICEF spent RR on foundational programming for children and to lead global advocacy, strategic and innovative activities, and humanitarian action.

The Impact Story Companion presents country examples of RR driving progress on multiple SDGs. Contributing to reduction in child mortality in Cambodia; leveraging domestic finance to decrease child poverty in Montenegro; scaling innovative finance to expand sanitation services in West Africa; strengthening Ethiopia’s social service system to protect children; implementing pioneering plan to tackle Tunisia’s under-vaccination in children; and transforming education opportunities for girls in Bangladesh.

The Partner Recognition Companion recognizes our generous public and private sector partners while also sharing why they chose to invest in RR/unrestricted funding for collective impact. 

A mother playing with her child lifting him up
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