UNICEF Mozambique 2022-2026

A strategic partnership for every child

Uma parceria estratégica para todas as crianças em Moçambique
UNICEF Mozambique/2023/Julie Pudlowski


Message from Maria Luisa Fornara, UNICEF Representative in Mozambique

We often say that children are the future. In Mozambique, a country where children make up more than half the population, this is especially true. Harnessing the energy and drive of Mozambique’s children will be key to unlocking a bright and sustainable future for Mozambique. Despite challenges, important progress is being achieved in improving the well-being of all children in Mozambique: infant and under-five mortality are falling, primary school enrolment has improved significantly, access to improved water has expanded, and important steps are being taken to prevent discrimination, child marriage and violence against all children. But significant challenges remain, including the impacts of the climate crisis, conflict and COVID-19. 

UNICEF is working with the Government of Mozambique and partners to deliver programmes that save lives and create the conditions that children need to survive and thrive, in safety and security. This brief focuses on the priorities set out in UNICEF’s Country Programme of Cooperation (2022-2026), highlighting our efforts across the spectrum of humanitarian, development and peacebuilding work. 

Muitas vezes dizemos que as crianças são o futuro. Em Moçambique, um país onde as crianças constituem mais da metade da população, isto é particularmente verdadeiro. Aproveitar a energia e o dinamismo das crianças moçambicanas será a chave para desbloquear um futuro brilhante e sustentável para Moçambique. Apesar dos desafios, estão a ser alcançados progressos importantes na melhoria do bem-estar de todas as crianças em Moçambique: a mortalidade infantil e de menores de cinco anos está a diminuir, as matríc
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