Teachers for All: Republic of Congo

Pour une répartition plus équitable des enseignants en République du Congo

Teacher and her class in Congo


The Republic of Congo must address systemic challenges in its educational sector to ensure all students have equitable access to quality education, in line with the Education 2030 agenda. Current challenges include significant disparities in teacher distribution which undermine the learning conditions in rural and urban settings alike.

Investments in teacher recruitment have not yet successfully addressed the high pupil-teacher ratios, reaching as high as 48:1 in public schools. The early grades of primary education are particularly affected, as inadequate support from teachers can hinder academic performance from the outset.

This report offers a comprehensive examination of teacher distribution across the Republic of Congo and presents strategic recommendations for enhancing future teacher deployment to better align with the needs of schools.

Cover of Teachers of All: Congo report featuring a teacher in Congo with her class
Pierre Gouëdard
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