Adolescent perspectives on artificial intelligence

Young people share their views, experiences and aspirations

Office of Global Insight and Policy
23 February 2021
This work is part of UNICEF's AI for Children project

Over the course of 2020, UNICEF hosted a series of global consultations with adolescents to learn about their views and knowledge of the artificial intelligence (AI) systems playing an increasingly important role in their lives.

We spoke with 245 young people from Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Sweden and the United States in a series of workshops. These young voices helped shape UNICEF's recent draft Policy Guidance on AI for Children, which includes recommendations for child-centred AI and is aimed at governments and businesses. The workshops were part of a broader AI for Children Project led by the UNICEF Office of Global Insight and Policy.

Youth workshop on artificial intelligence
Leandro Martins and Ricardo Matsukawa/NIC Brazil

As part of this initiative, we are releasing a report on those consultations to document and share the adolescents' diverse views and aspirations for AI. The report includes their opinions in their own words, as they discussed the nature of their experiences with AI and how they understand the risks and opportunities it presents in their lives.

The report also features key messages that emerged from these consultations and the methods employed to engage adolescents in dialogue on AI.

Watch our webinar discussion to learn more about the report and its main findings.


UNICEF Office of Global Insight and Policy

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