Our Future Pledge: An Agenda for Futures by Youth

A toolkit and global campaign for youth foresight


Our Future Pledge: An Agenda for Futures by Youth is a toolkit and global campaign created by young foresight practitioners from across the globe, in partnership with UNICEF Innocenti – Global Office of Research and Foresight. The toolkit, a comprehensive resource to build youth foresight capacity, includes:

  • An introduction to youth foresight
  • A captivating journey into three wildly different futures for young people
  • A detailed guide on crafting your preferred future scenario
  • A call to action for increased youth participation in foresight
  • A social media guide for getting involved in the #OurFuturePledge campaign

Experience the power of youth foresight and join the movement to shape a better tomorrow for present and future generations with Our Future Pledge.

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