Guidance Note for Conducting Evaluability Assessments in UNICEF

Evaluability is critical to strengthening results-based management and demonstrating the contribution of UNICEF-assisted programmes to results for children and promoting rights.

Children playing in the city of Yamoussoukrou, in the North East of Côte d’Ivoire.


The objective of this guidance note is to introduce the concept of evaluability by providing a set of concise, practical and user-friendly tools to support UNICEF, HQ, Regional and Country Offices in the conduct of Evaluability Assessments.

This guidance note and accompanying tools were developed by the UNICEF Evaluation Office and should be viewed as an evolving area of work.

The note explains what evaluability is and establishes when, how and who should conduct the evaluability assessment. The guidance includes a comprehensive list of internal and external resources as well as links to some good practice examples of evaluability assessments conducted by UNICEF. Finally, the guidance includes a checklist for ensuring sound programme design (Annex I).

This note draws from and adapts existing good practices to programme planning, monitoring and evaluation.