#ENDviolence with BTS

Help end bullying in schools by sharing kind notes.

Have you ever felt afraid of violence in or around your school?

We asked this question to teens around the world and received more than a million responses. Two out of three of you said yes.

But many of you also believe that ending violence in schools is possible, and you told us how. Through the youth-written #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto, teens around the world agreed:

Being kind is the first step to making schools safer.

Your words matter

This International Day of Friendship, we’re taking inspiration from the #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto and joining forces with BTS and Big Hit Entertainment's LOVE MYSELF campaign by spreading words of support and encouragement both online and in person. Even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference.

Take action

Be kind online

Tag a friend
Tag your friend in a positive message on social media using the hashtag #ENDviolence.
DM a message of kindness
DM someone sending a kind message.
BTS video
Share the BTS video.

Be kind in person

Write a note icon
Write a note to your friend telling them why they’re great.
Write a positive message and leave it on a mirror icon
Write a positive message and leave it on a mirror.
Leave a kind message icon
Leave an anonymous kind letter for someone you know who needs it.

Learn more

Want to do more? Find out how you can lead an #ENDviolence movement in your school or community.