UNICEF Game Plan to Reach Safely Managed Sanitation 2022–2030

sanitation in indonesia: a young reads a book outside her family toilet


Progress towards universal sanitation is alarmingly off track, unevenly distributed between countries, and inadequate to eliminate the inequalities to ensure that the most vulnerable are reached. In 2020, the JMP estimated that 3.6 billion people globally lacked safely managed services, and that the rate at which sanitation coverage was increasing would need to quadruple to achieve universal access to safely managed services by 2030.

UN-Water has developed an SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework— a unifying initiative designed to deliver fast results. UNICEF’s Sanitation Game Plan is aligned with this framework; the vision is to work alongside UNICEF’s partners to achieve the shared ambition of safely managed sanitation for all. The Game Plan to Reach Safely Managed Sanitation will cover the eight years between 2022 and 2030. 

The Game Plan aims to help governments achieve safely managed sanitation for their populations and meet the sanitation target of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through the Game Plan, UNICEF will support 1 billion people gain access to safely managed sanitation, through direct and indirect support, in collaboration with partners.