A Liveable Planet for Every Child

UNICEF’s strategy-at-a-Glance for Climate, Environment, Energy and Disaster Risk Reduction (2022-2030).


Virtually every child on earth is already affected by climate change, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. Action is falling short, which means that the impacts upon children and young people will worsen in the coming decades. Children will bear the brunt of impacts, particularly those in communities that have contributed the least to global greenhouse gas emissions. The best investments we can make for children now are to ensure the services they need to survive, grow and thrive are resilient to climate and environmental shocks and to support them with the education and skills they will need to adapt and create a green transition and better world. UNICEF will make this the focus of our on-the-ground implementation and advocacy in the over 190 countries and territories in which we work — every child deserves a liveable planet.

A boy enjoying the natural world.
UNICEF Climate, Environment, Energy and Disaster Risk Reduction