Delivering and Sustaining in the New Normal to End Female Genital Mutilation

2021 Annual Report and Phase III Performance Analysis

Youth in Burkina Faso participate in “Caravane Faso Jeunes”, a roadshow bringing together adolescents to increase opportunities for engagement, participation and skills learning.


This report highlights achievements made in 2021 and the overall performance analysis of Phase III (2018 – 2021). It outlines the challenges and opportunities in the efforts led by UNFPA and UNICEF to eliminate female genital mutilation and showcases the programme’s commitment to shifting approaches, creating positive impacts, and contributing to the 2022-2025 strategic plans for both organizations.

The report focuses on measures empowering girls and women to claim their right to be free of FGM as well as a community centered, interpersonal, and group-based approach that encourages gender and social norms change. It details the state of existing policy and legal frameworks in countries with Joint Programme support along with the comprehensive coverage of essential health and associated FGM services in 2021.