The Community Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling Package

Counselling Tools Cards
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Aimed for use in diverse country contexts, this Package guides local adaptation, design, planning and implementation of community-based Infant and Young Child Feeding counselling and support services at scale. The Package builds on a comprehensive training curriculum aimed at equipping community health workers (CHWs) with the relevant skills needed to support recommended breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices for children from 0 up to 24 months. The training uses an interactive and experiential adult learning approach that enhances counselling, problem solving, negotiation and communication skills, and prepares CHWs to effectively support caregivers. To date, a large number of countries have adapted the materials to the local context, building capacity and rolling out community-based infant and young child feeding counseling using the Package.

In 2024, UNICEF updated the Package incorporating valuable experience from its adaptation and implementation at country level along with new key technical elements including nurturing care, care of infants and young children with disabilities and feeding difficulties, and the prevention of all forms of malnutrition. 

The updated Community Infant IYCF Counselling Package is comprised of 1) a 5-day comprehensive training Facilitator Guide; 2) Training Aids; 3) a set of 38 counselling cards accompanied by 4) Counsellor's Book Part 1: Key Practices; 5) Counsellor's Book Part 2: Technical Notes; in addition to 6) Orientation Training for Supervisors and Mentors; and 7) Planning and Adaptation Guide. 


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