Child Protection Systems Strengthening

Approaches, Benchmarks and Interventions


For over a decade, UNICEF has prioritized child protection systems strengthening (CPSS) as a key approach to child protection programming.

In response to the 2018 evaluation of UNICEF’s work on CPSS, and guided by UNICEF’s Child Protection Strategy (2021 – 2030), this technical paper outlines UNICEF’s approach going forward: 1) key considerations that shape this approach; 2) describes the programme – impact pathways, focusing on the intermediate outcomes and the main UNICEF investments and actions to achieve them; 3) proposes a four-phase maturity model for CPSS.

In addition, the guide is a CPSS complementary resource for countries to help measure the maturity of child protection systems.

The Guidance and Benchmark Guide are available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. 

Also visit UNICEF's self-guided and free course on Child Protection Systems Strengthening: Approach, Benchmarks and Interventions:

CPSS Paper cover