Caring for the Caregiver


In accordance with evidence from the Lancet and UNICEF recommendations on Early Childhood Development and Nurturing Care, preventive support for caregiver health and emotional well-being is key to optimal child development. Yet there is currently very little support for caregiver emotional well-being in resource-constrained low- and middle-income countries. In order to tackle this issue, UNICEF is developing a Caring for the Caregiver (CFC) training module.

The CFC module aims to build front-line workers’ skills in strengths-based counselling to increase caregivers’ confidence and help them develop stress management, self-care and conflict-resolution skills to support their emotional well-being. The prototype version of the module, downloadable here, consists of three core manuals to guide the training and implementation process. This prototype is currently being validated in eight countries through implementation research. A final version of the module will be ready in 2021. 

A new guide on Caring for the Caregiver during the COVID-19 crisis can also be found here. This resource aims to provide evidence-based messages, practical guidance, case studies and resources that can be used to promote parents’ and caregivers’ mental health, with a focus on adolescent caregivers.