Parenting month

Early moments matter

Родители държат малките си деца, а пред тях стои актрисата Елена Петрова
UNICEF Bulgaria/2019

In Bulgaria, Actress Elena Petrova Becomes the Face of the Campaign

In Bulgaria, we celebrate Children’s Day on 1 June but it is also global Parents’ Day. That is why UNICEF starts an information campaign to support parents – a child’s first teachers, pillars of strength, and main providers. UNICEF Bulgaria joins the initiative, too.

In June, UNICEF will spread a lot of materials in support of parents – videos with advice from experts on early childhood development; parents’ stories about the joy, but also the challenges they face; key messages from celebrities who advocate for the need to support parents – from better family-friendly government policies, through the necessity for more flexible working hours for the parents of small children, to increasing social support and creating solidarity with parents as the most important adults in a child’s life.

 Within the Parenting month, through the special dedicated webpage  UNICEF will disseminate a wealth of material to support the parents - videos with early-care professionals; stories of parents telling about the joy, but also about the challenges they face; messages from celebrities who advocate for the need to support parents.


Link to video on it's hosted site.
Глобалният посланик на добра воля на УНИЦЕФ, футболната легенда Дейвид Бекъм – баща на 4 деца, се включи в инициативата, заявявайки, че да си родител е най-важната работа на света! Той привлича вниманието към факта, че за все повече родители е трудно да балансират между професията си и грижата за децата. А именно тя е най-важната основа за пълноценното развитие на всяко дете.

Being a parent is the most important job in the world. The first 1,000 days of life is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a baby’s brain and shape a child’s ability to learn and grow.

Parents want to give their children the best they can. Yet, many have no choice but to work long hours, often away from home, to support their families.

It’s about time. Parents need time to give their child the best start in life. And it’s about time governments and businesses supported them by investing in family-friendly policies that help parents do just that.