Social Protection Series – Policy Brief #2

Cash transfer programs in Brazil: the new Bolsa Família and its predecessors


This Policy Brief, the second in our Social Protection Series, provides an overview of the New Bolsa Família and the Brazilian cash transfer programs that preceded it.

This year when Bolsa Família celebrates its 20th anniversary, is a highly opportune moment to contribute, enhance, and update information about this well-known program, nationally and internationally. This Policy Brief contributes to the understanding of the New Bolsa Família, by highlighting its evolution, financial impact, eligibility criteria, and innovations.

Developed within the framework of the Brazil-UNICEF Trilateral South-South Cooperation Program, stemming from the partnership between UNICEF and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this Policy Brief will inform public officials, national and international civil society representatives, as well as other stakeholders interested in gaining a better understanding of the Brazilian experience in the field of social protection.

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