#EatPlayLove - Power of Family

Family plays a crucial role in early childhood development

Bear family is playing in a garden.
UNICEF Thailand

The first 1,000 days of life

The first six years of life is every child's window of opportunity in life. It's the critical period of brain development, which lays the foundation of their life-long learning. The three important factors that can help brain development are: nutrition, stimulation, and care and family love. Family members has a wonderful power. They are the people who can give these three important things we call Eat-Play-Love, to the children.

#EatPlayLove - Power of Family

UNICEF and Central Group for every child

Central Group and UNICEF join hands to launch the Central-UNICEF Together For Every Child for the 4th year. We would like to invite all parents and caregivers to visit our #EatPlayLove travelling expo, which will be exhibited across the country in 2020. Follow UNICEF Thailand Facebook Page to learn more.

Promotional graphic to promote Central-UNICEF Together for Every Child campaign
UNICEF Thailand

Building Better Brains

Once we said nature or nurture; then nature and nurture. Now we know it is nature with
nurture, the degree of interdependence is even greater than we ever imagined. They are two
parts of a whole, interacting constantly and together playing a singular role in a child’s brain
development — and a child’s future.

Learning through play

The Department of Health, Mahidol University and UNICEF launched “Learning through play” for parents to provide some insight information and stimulate parents to spend quality time with young children through play.   

Parenting guidelines for children 0-5 years old

The Office of Education Council and UNICEF launched a Parenting Guideline on 9 August with 600 ECD stakeholders from around the country participating in the event.  The guidelines provide information for ECD professionals and parents about holistic child development, linked to the national Early Learning and Development Standards. 

Recommendations on Options and Environment Adjustments

The Department of Health, Mahidol University and UNICEF launched the “Recommendations on options and environmentally adjustment for physical activity and play promotion in ECD services” as a key guidance note for ECD caregivers to lead learning through play.

Early Moments Matter on Mobile

A communication platform supported by UNICEF Thailand which aims to provide, in Thai language, information and resources on key themes related to childhood care and development including prenatal care, breastfeeding and nutrition, the importance of play and stimulation, disease prevention, hygiene and safety promotion, and positive communication to raise children in a loving and protective way, to parents and caregivers.

The service is free. You only need to have a Facebook account to subscribe to the service by simply registering through the Messenger box in www.facebook.com/9YangTH.