Supply Annual Report 2020

Extraordinary operation at scale

Supplies reach their destination country to be distributed to children and their families, completing their journey.


UNICEF procurement rose to a record $4.468 billion worth of goods and services in 162 countries and areas in 2020, underscoring the organization’s role in supporting governments’ COVID-19 response on top of its regular work for children and in complex, protracted emergencies.  

The UNICEF 2020 Supply Annual Report surveys the organization’s extraordinary supply and logistics operations to deliver life-saving supplies at a global scale, including:

  • Establishing a landmark joint charter with the World Economic Forum in which 18 airline and logistics companies pledged to prioritize the transport of COVID-19 vaccines procured through the COVAX Facility;
  • Leading a collaborative joint tender on behalf of 11 United Nations agencies and 2 international NGOs to establish long-term arrangements (LTAs) to ensure availability of quality personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Convening the first ever logistics industry consultation to align stakeholders around a strategy for the COVID-19 response;
  • Devising innovative transport solutions to ensure delivery of vaccines for routine immunization in hard-to-reach areas.

The report also includes data on procurement of goods and services, savings achieved on behalf of governments and donors, supply and logistics response in the highest-level emergencies as well as UNICEF global procurement statistics.

 Supply Annual Report 2020 cover page
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