COVAX: ensuring global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines

The largest vaccine supply operation ever began in February 2021 – and UNICEF is leading it on behalf of  COVAX . Our goal is to ensure that all countries and territories participating in COVAX have equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. As of 15 November 2022, COVAX has delivered 1.8 billion vaccines to 146 countries.  , How?, Through COVAX – led by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance , WHO and CEPI – UNICEF is working with manufacturers and partners on the procurement of COVID-19 vaccine doses, as well as freight, logistics, storage and rollout in countries. In collaboration with the PAHO Revolving Fund, we are leading the procurement and delivery for low and middle-income…, When did COVAX begin?, UNICEF has been organizing the international transport of COVID-19 vaccines for COVAX since February 2021. COVAX continues to deliver vaccines to countries and territories around the world, with the aim of protecting frontline health care and social workers, as well as high-risk and vulnerable groups. You can find out more about upcoming…, Why UNICEF?, As the largest single vaccine buyer in the world, UNICEF has a unique and longstanding expertise in procurement and logistics to help children in need.  UNICEF procures more than 2 billion doses of vaccines annually for routine immunization and outbreak response on behalf of nearly 100 countries. We are the main procurement partner of Gavi, the…, COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard, Up-to-date information on the distribution and market developments of COVID-19 vaccines. Screenshot of UNICEF's COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard Screenshot taken on 15 November 2022., Latest updates and stories, Featured video, Thank you to our high value private sector partners and public partners for the important role they played in UNICEF’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic., Meet our experts, We are working to make COVID-19 vaccines available for delivery. Meet some of the people who are behind this gigantic and complex operation., To understand the historic task of procuring and delivering COVID-19 vaccines, COVAX and partners logos

The innovative Oxygen Plant-in-a-Box saves the lives of children suffering from pneumonia

In Uganda, six-month-old Constance suffers from a cough, a growing fever and difficulty breathing. Her parents immediately rush her to the hospital where she is diagnosed with pneumonia since there are insufficient levels of oxygen in her blood. She is immediately started on antibiotics and hooked up to oxygen.  Only a few months earlier, oxygen…, What do Rothana and Constance have in common?, Both had rapid access to oxygen, an WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines essential medicine for treating children suffering from the deadliest infectious disease for children. Childhood pneumonia: Everything you need to know Pneumonia kills 2,000 children under the age of five each day globally , at least one child every 43 seconds. Every year,…, What is an Oxygen Plant-in-a-Box?, It’s an all-in-one solution to produce large volumes of medical oxygen. It involves the delivery and installation of a fully functional Pressure Swing Absorption Plant. Countries can choose between several different options in terms of production capacity as well as whether to be delivered as a containerized option or installed in a dedicated…, What does “impact” mean?, It means Rothana and Constance’s family can watch their children experience childhood, play with friends, go to school and grow into adults. It means hundreds of thousands of other children will have access to oxygen near Rothana and Constance’s home. In fact, the new plant near Constance’s home, at Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital, covers an…, The availability to oxygen was the difference between life and death for baby Shadrak who was rushed to Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda to treat severe pneumonia. He is pictured with his mother, Nassanga Doreen. “Having an in-house oxygen plant producing 30 to 40 cylinders of oxygen per day is a great relief. It significantly has…, UNICEF/UN0730079/Rutherford Smiling plant operators Kiinumulo Joshua (right) and Kiyozi Yusufu in front of the “Pressure Swing Absorption” oxygen plant at Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital, in Uganda. Uganda-UN0730073-2022, Plant operators Kiinumulo Joshua (right) and Kiyozi Yusufu in front of the new Oxygen Plant-in-a-Box at Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital. This plant can fill up to 140 oxygen cylinders in 24 hours and is enough to sustain not only the 200-bed hospital, but also other lower-level facilities in seven neighbouring districts in central Uganda. The…, UNICEF/UN0730073/Rutherford Wooden boxes with all pieces of the skid-mounted oxygen plant in Cambodia. Cambodia-unpacked-oxygen-plant-2022, All pieces to the Oxygen Plant-in-a-Box when arrived in Cambodia. The boxes arrived with clear instructions for use, installation, and maintenance at 16 Makara Provincial Hospital in Preah Bihear. In addition to the plant, UNICEF mobilized US $5.7 million through ACT-A SFF (Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator Supplies Financing Facility) to…, UNICEF/Cambodia/ChumMaro Ms. Vong Bobta, 65-years-old, sitting on a hospital bed. Cambodia-oxygen-VongBobta-2022, The new oxygen plant in Preah Bihear, Cambodia supports a wide range of patients with various conditions. Ms. Vong Bobta, 65 years old, who lives with diabetes and hypertension, was found unconscious at her home one day. Her family immediately rushed her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on oxygen. “I have more peace…, UNICEF/2022/Cambodia/JGill Imran Asgar (1-year-old) on a hospital bed with his mom while he receives oxygen support during his treatment at Guru Gobindsingh Government Hospital in Jamnagar. India-UN0689291-2022, In India, Imran Asgar (1 year old) receives oxygen support during his treatment at a paediatric ward at Guru Gobindsingh Government Hospital in Jamnagar. UNICEF supported the installation of an oxygen generation plant at the hospital in May 2021 (separate from the Plant-in-a-Box project), which provides piped oxygen to each bed in the paediatric…, UNICEF/UN0689291/Panjwani An oxygen generation plant provided by UNICEF and installed at the Guru Gobindsingh government hospital, Jamnagar, India. India-UN0687897-2022, An oxygen generation plant provided by UNICEF (separate from the “Plant-in-a-Box” project) and installed at the Guru Gobindsingh government hospital, Jamnagar, India., UNICEF/UN0687897/Panjwani Baby Shadrak, who is a year and a half old, and his mother Nassanga Doreen in Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda. Smiling plant operators Kiinumulo Joshua (right) and Kiyozi Yusufu in front of the “Pressure Swing Absorption” oxygen plant at Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital, in Uganda. Wooden boxes with all…, What’s next?, World Pneumonia Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements made in bringing oxygen closer to children suffering from pneumonia and many other patients of all ages in need – be it through the 110 new Plants-in-a-Box; the tens of thousands of concentrators, innovative pulse oximeters and other essential oxygen equipment delivered to…