Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food Market and Supply Update

Supply update on RUTF price increase and market updates on global supply, demand, increased supplier diversity and UNICEF’s procurement approach through 2023.


13.6 million children globally suffer from severe wasting, and require specialized therapeutic intervention, of which an estimated 1 million children under-five years of age die annually. The recent disruption of food systems, socio economic impact of COVID-19, and unprecedented climate induced droughts has pushed additional millions into severe wasting.

UNICEF provides an update on ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), used to treat severe wasting at community level and emergencies. It highlights supply, demand, and increased supplier diversity in a global context, as well as UNICEF’s procurement approach through 2023 to meet programme country requirements. Despite increased RUTF procurement volumes, most children suffering from severe wasting still don’t have access to treatment.

UNICEF encourages countries to fully integrate community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) into their health care programmes, and calls on industry to scale up RUTF production capacity to meet the increasing demand.

Market outlooks from emergency situations in 2022 and reports on 2021 are also available on the scroll down menu.

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