Technical requirements for pharmaceutical and nutrition products

Find the technical requirements for pharmaceutical products procured by UNICEF.


This technical requirements document provide further explanations to what is described in the most recent version of the Interagency Finished Pharmaceutical Product Questionnaire (IAFPPQ). It captures specifications and requirements that apply in general to every pharmaceutical product or dosage form. Specifications unique to a product are elaborated in each solicitation activity, Long Term Arrangement Contract and Purchase Order. Vendors are reminded to pay close attention to both unique specifications for each product and the general requirements in this document as they complement each other.

This document contains detailed requirements for pharmaceutical and nutrition products procured by UNICEF in relation to, but not limited to:

  • marketing Authorization in the country of origin
  • WHO-certificate “Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product”
  • product specification reference to international recognised Pharmacopoeias
  • labels and packaging inserts
  • stability
  • shelf life and storage
  • pharmaceutical equivalence
  • active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.