Service bundles for vaccine refrigerators and freezers – Pre-bid industry consultation May 2023

Download the presentation held during the meeting that gathered UNICEF, GAVI, supplies and manufacturers.


Information on the consultation on solar direct drive refrigerators and freezers (SDD) and mains-powered ice lined refrigerators and freezers (ILR) held by UNICEF in May 2023. 

Around 30 participants from UNICEF, Gavi, suppliers and manufacturers of SDD and ILR attended the consultation, where the cold chain upcoming service bundle bidding exercise was discussed.

The purposes of the consultation were to:

  • Look back at five years of service bundle implementation
  • Outline plans for upcoming bidding exercise to establish Long Term Arrangements for service bundles in Q2 – Q3/2023
  • Update industry on the Gavi 5.0 and related demand forecast.

The presentation held during the meeting is available for downloading.