Education tender calendar

Find out how suppliers can express their interest in participating in UNICEF solicitation process for education supplies.


UNICEF Supply Division plans to initiate several tender processes for the renewal of global long-term arrangements (LTAs) for education products.

Companies that can supply such products and are interested in being invited to those tenders should express their interest by completing the relevant web form(s) linked below.

Please note:

  1. The tender calendar is only indicative and may vary substantially from the actual bidding exercise.
  2. Specifications for items with material numbers are available in the UNICEF Supply Catalogue.
  3. The purpose of UNICEF Supply Division Education Unit posting its tender calendar is to allow suppliers to express its interest in participating in our solicitation process.  
  4. An expression of interest by a supplier does not automatically guarantee the supplier that it will be included in the solicitation process. UNICEF reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions (e.g., financial conditions, etc.). Please see also UNICEF Quality Assurance Requirements for Education Products.
  5. Suppliers interested in any of the listed tender opportunities should verify that they meet UNICEF suppliers' selection criteria as laid out in the United Nations Global Marketplace as awards will be made to suppliers whose UNGM application has been approved.