UNICEF's Recreation Kit

Playing  is a great way to relieve stress. Research has shown that play protects children from the negative impact that spending long periods in stressful situations can have on their physical and mental health. Giving children space to have fun allows them to work through feelings such as pain, fear or loss while still being able to act and play…, Promoting well-being , To help children continue to play and develop their skills during humanitarian crises, UNICEF has created the Recreation Kit, a set of board games and various sports equipment for children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years old. The kit promotes well-being and important life-skills like connecting, communicating with others and managing anger and…, Check some items of UNICEF's Recreation Kit, Balls included in the Recreation Kit Recreation-kit-balls-2, 1/7 - Different balls are provided to play various sports., UNICEF 2023 Tabards, volleyball net, whistle and armbands Recreation-kit-other-supplies, 2/7 - Supplies like tabards, net, whistle and armbands are included to give children a better play experience of sports like football and volleyball., UNICEF 2023 Chalks and blackboard Recreation-kit-chalk-2, 3/7 - A blackboard and chalk, used for keeping score of games and activities., UNICEF 2023 Ropes and play parachute included in the kit Recreation-kit-ropes-2, 4/7 - Ropes and a play parachute are included to let children play in different activities., UNICEF 2023 Board games Recreation-kit-board-games, 5/7 - Chess, checkers and snake and ladders are examples of board games inside the kit., UNICEF 2023 UNICEF bag Recreation-kit-bag-2, 6/7 - A bag that can be used to collect supplies included in the kit., UNICEF 2023 Guidance books included in the kit Recreation-kit-guidance-books2, 7/7 - The kit features instructions in English and French, and guidance for children with disabilities., UNICEF 2023 Balls included in the Recreation Kit Tabards, volleyball net, whistle and armbands Chalks and blackboard Ropes and play parachute included in the kit Board games UNICEF bag Guidance books included in the kit, Teaching life-skills , The Recreation Kit includes supplies for indoor and outdoor use, including hacky sacks, balls for various sports and play parachutes. Additional items include measuring tapes, white chalk and skipping ropes that can be used to define boundaries and set up playing fields in any context and situation.   The kit, available for procurement in the…

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Kit

Infants and young children caught in Delivering emergency supplies conflicts or emergencies are at risk of developmental delays, which can have lifelong damaging consequences. When exposed to extreme stress and deprivation, children aged 0–8 years are more likely to not fully develop their emotional, cognitive, motor and social skills.   In the…, A vital tool for learning and play, The UNICEF Early Childhood Development (ECD) Kit was created to help young children continue to develop their skills even when times are difficult. It is a ‘treasure box’ filled with materials and ideas for learning and fun, creating a safe learning space for young children in stressful situations, including emergencies. The ECD is a key tool in…, Art and craft supplies, The ECD Kit contains several supplies for art and craft activities, including stationery items such as pencils, pads, crayons and clay that can be used for modeling, drawing and writing. These supplies can help children develop their creativity, fine motor skills and communication abilities. They also encourage caregivers, including parents and…, Storytelling materials, The kit includes an illustrated board book that can be used to read stories. The pictures can be used as a reference for drawing and creating new stories with art and craft supplies. Such activities encourage children to use their imagination and creativity while developing their language and communication skills.  Blocks A book from the ECD Kit, Toys, Toys in the kit come in different forms and shapes like building blocks, wooden jigsaw, chain and board puzzles, and a counting circle. They are especially beneficial as they help children learn how to use their eyes to reach and grab objects with different shapes, textures and sizes. Using these toys, children can learn to identify, scan and…, Expressive activities, Puppet play offers an ideal opportunity to tell a compelling story or present difficult themes and issues. Children often feel safe with a friendly puppet that resembles an animal. In the hands of a creative and responsive adult, puppet play offers an ideal opportunity to present themes and issues, even difficult ones. Children themselves can play…, For caregivers, The kit contains useful items of general use like soap and water containers to keep the materials and children clean. It also comes with a booklet that guides caregivers in carrying out activities for collaborative learning and increasing communication and interaction among children. Activity cards included in the ECD Kit offer ideas on how to…, What does the ECD Kit include?, How do supplies in the ECD Kit support parenting?, Jose Miguel Delgado, Contracts Officer in Water, Sanitation and Education Center at UNICEF Supply Division, chats with Patrick Delgado, Logistics Specialist, and his son Alex, about the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Kit, a key tool to keep children playing and learning in stressful situations, including emergencies.

Driving innovation in construction at UNICEF

Innovation is an important part of UNICEF’s mission to realize the rights of every child, especially the most excluded. UNICEF is a powerful force for social transformation and can help address a range of humanitarian challenges, including water and sanitation, health, education and child protection.   Construction at UNICEF UNICEF construction…, Reimagining education systems in Cameroon using digital learning tools, Many construction innovations developed by UNICEF are focused on modernizing or scaling infrastructure for education.   ‘Connect My School’, for example, was launched to provide access to digital learning opportunities and reinforce quality education for children in Cameroon. The initiative supports Cameroon’s national mandate to provide…, Residential solutions to create safe living environments in Mongolia, UNICEF’s construction innovations take many forms and support its programmes for children, including direct support for family housing.   In Mongolia’s extremely harsh winters, coal-fired stoves are used for heating in traditional Mongolian dwellings known locally as gers . Consequently, air pollution in Mongolia is caused mainly by coal burning…, Innovative construction materials address multiple community needs, UNICEF’s innovation initiatives often take system-based approaches to devise solutions to development or humanitarian challenges. For construction, this frequently means the use of innovative materials.   Côte d’Ivoire faces a severe and mounting waste management issue. The province of Abidjan produces 288 tons of plastic waste daily, 90 per cent…, UNICEF construction: essential role in the success of our product innovations, For health systems in many low- and middle-income countries, the COVID-19 pandemic turned an existing oxygen gap into a crisis. The innovative Oxygen Plant-in-a-Box saves the lives of children suffering from pneumonia UNICEF’s Oxygen Plant-in-a-Box is an innovative emergency solution that produces enough medical-grade oxygen to treat up to 50…

Supplying hope for children in Pakistan

Not so long ago, 16-year-old Malook was among an estimated 23 million children in Pakistan not attending school. But in 2018, she joined a UNICEF-supported Accelerated Education Programme (AEP) centre in the Bahawalpur district, Punjab. Since then, Malook walks with a group of girls to attend AEP classes – each one carrying her distinctive blue…, Assistance for the most vulnerable, Last year in Pakistan, an estimated 11 million people – roughly 5 per cent of the population – needed humanitarian assistance. UNICEF Pakistan programmes, focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable children and families, included the delivery of vaccines, cold chain equipment, therapeutic food, and education material. $469 million in supplies to…, Addressing health and nutrition needs, UNICEF delivered 30,000 cartons of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), worth $6 million, to treat severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in children under 5 years old. In 2021, some 70,000 children diagnosed with SAM were given RUTF at UNICEF-supported health facilities. Nearly 600,000 children received multi-micronutrient supplements to fortify foods…, Pandemic response, UNICEF delivered over $30.7 million in health supplies to Pakistan. $22.3 million in cold chain equipment will support current and future vaccination campaigns. As part of the COVAX Facility, UNICEF was involved in delivering more than 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses. To support this, 141 ultra-cold chain freezers were also procured, with the…