Tshwaragano ka Bana - Let's play, learn and grow together #11+

# 11 - 20: easy, daily, playful learning activities for young children up to 5 years at home.


For parents and primary caregivers to support the early learning and development of children birth to 5 or 6 years at home through the use of daily routines, playful learning activities and other low-resource/low costs options, based on the National Curriculum Framework for Children birth to four years (NCF) and the  National Parenting Programme (developed by Department of Social Development, Department of Basic Education and UNICEF South Africa).

#11: Let's play and sort

#12: Let's play and learn about space

#13: Look how I have fun with counting

#14: Let’s go measure and have fun

#15: Fun with sounds, words and reading

#16: Practice counting every day!

#17: Make your own Tippy Tap

#18: Problem solving is fun

#19: Listen, touch, smell, watch and taste is learning

#20: Play with water and learn many things!

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UNICEF South Africa, Department of Social Development, Department of Education
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