20 February 2024

#PowerOfPlay makes bold impression in KwaZulu-Natal

A wayward pass sends chickens running for cover as the soccer game at the Luthando Day Care centre in Shongweni spills out across the grass. The day of play, led by the ‘Power of Play’ facilitators, hasn’t yet started and already some of the older children of the one to six-year-old group need no invitation to get going.  A group of women wearing…, Building it up., UNICEF/UNI519957/Lauren Rautenbach Two young children and a youth walk while balancing lego blocks on their heads. UNI520242, Striking the balance., UNICEF/UNI520242/Lauren Rautenbach A little girl wearing an peachy coloured dress and leggings jumps in the air with her stretched up and joyous expression on her face. UNI520054, Skipping to the beat., UNICEF/UNI520054/Lauren Rautenbach A baby girl sitting on a yellow table holds onto a red plastic cup with pebbles in it. UNI519984, Babies playing too., UNICEF/UNI519984/Lauren Rautenbach A pile of colourful bottlecaps are spread out on a green table. A little arm is visible, picking up a cap. UNI520071, Recyclable household items like bottle caps are a great way for children to learn colour sorting and emergent numeracy while working on hand muscle strength., UNICEF/UNI520071/Lauren Rautenbach A little concentrates on closing a plastic water bottle with some dried beans inside. UNI520144, Household items can make great shakers and toys to include in play too., UNICEF/UNI520144/Lauren Rautenbach A women wearing a yellow Power of Play t-shirt holds up an open picture book for a group children sitting on the floor in front of her to see. UNI519911, Story time, important for building vocabulary, memory and inquisitiveness., UNICEF/UNI519911/Lauren Rautenbach A little girl sits on the ground crossed-legged, leaning forward and looking at pebbles in a chalk-drawn square. Her dad in next to her giving her advice. UNI520250, Traditional games like ‘amagende’ were an important part of the day's activities and are highlighted by the ‘Power of Play’ campaign as being great ways for children to learn through play., UNICEF/UNI520250/Lauren Rautenbach A little boy and girl play hopscotch with two woman watching them. UNI519892, Coordination, balance and communication are learnt by children learn through play., UNICEF/UNI519892/Lauren Rautenbach A ball made from plastic strips flies through the air from the outstretched arms of a little boy smiling happily. UNI519871, Catching, throwing, finger and arm muscle strength and hand-eye coordination are some of the skills children learn through play. Play is what you make of it!, UNICEF/UNI519871/Lauren Rautenbach A little builds a tower with empty tin cans while his mother reaches out to assist him. Two young children and a youth walk while balancing lego blocks on their heads. A little girl wearing an peachy coloured dress and leggings jumps in the air with her stretched up and joyous expression on her face. A baby girl…
20 December 2023

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