Violence against children

UNICEF aims to reduce violence at home, at school, in communities and online, and to break the silence around this hidden epidemic

Girl suffering violence at home sits in the dark crying
UNICEF Serbia/2017/Pancic

In almost 1/3 of all cases of domestic violence the victims are children.

UNICEF works on strengthening the cooperation among various sectors dealing with children – in healthcare, education and social protection, but also in the areas of justice and law enforcement – to prevent violence, and to address situations in which violence against children has occurred.

Girl suffering violence tries to stop her attacker
UNICEF Serbia/2016/Bicanski

We strengthen the capacity of centres for social work, healthcare institutions, schools, judicial professionals, and the police to improve their work on preventing and reporting cases of violence, and their ability to adequately respond to it.

44% of boys before the age of 15 and 42% of girls under the age of 14 have experienced violent methods of discipline at home.