Child protection

Every child has the right to protection.

Boy with disability smiling with his friends at a sports event
UNICEF Serbia/2017


A strong child protection system addresses the many inter-connected risks that confront children and their families.

The challenge is to build such a system to protect every child.

In almost 1/3 of all cases of domestic violence the victims are children.

  • In almost 1/3 of all cases of domestic violence the victims are children.
  • Over 2/3 of children in institutions are children with disabilities.
  • 44% of boys and 42% of girls under the age of 14 have experienced violent methods of discipline at home.
  • Out of the total number of reported children in conflict with the law, diversionary measures are applied before criminal proceedings in only 9.5 % of cases.
  • 57% of girls from Roma settlements are married before the age of 18 and almost 18% are married before the age of 15.

Our activities focus on supporting vulnerable families so they can stay together, and on establishing and providing access to services to support them.

To prevent violence against children, UNICEF works on strengthening cooperation among various sectors – from healthcare to justice and law enforcement.

We work to ensure that the justice system works in the best interest of the child, focusing on all children, including children from vulnerable and dysfunctional families.

UNICEF works to strengthen the role and leadership of Roma communities in tackling child marriage by providing information on alternatives. 


Over 900 families and 2,000 children were supported by family outreach workers. 


  • 1,700 children with and without disabilities reached through inclusive sport and recreational activities
  • 198,000 children indirectly benefited from teams for prevention and protection of children from violence
  • 2,886 parents counselled via the National parent line
  • Over 900 families and 2,000 children supported by family outreach workers  
  • 330 girls, 307 mothers and 54 fathers in 20 Roma settlements benefitted from activities geared toward ending child marriage.
Brothers with disability playing in their home

The rights of children with disabilities

A well-functioning social protection system helps to remove barriers that prevent the realisation of the rights of children and families.

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Selma and Enver play with their younger sister Selima.

Helping families

Through workshops and education, Roma communities are informed about their rights and administrative procedures.

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Bojana Brkic, the family outreach worker, has struck up a rapport with the family – especially its youngest members, David and Aleksandra.

Keeping families together

Every child has the right to live in a family environment. Prevention and early intervention are the keys to success in keeping families together.

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