COVID-19 child and family tracker: Findings

Tracking the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on children and families in Nepal

This image shows an image of a mother and son from Kavre District
UNICEF Nepal/2019/PShrestha


These documents present the findings of a series of periodic household surveys tracking the socio-economic multi-sectoral impact of COVID 19 on children and families in Nepal. The first survey issue, was carried out at the end of May 2020 and establishes the baseline for the periodic surveys, to be carried out and issued over the coming months.

Where available, the periodic household survey data will be supplemented by relevant child related data from other sources.

Suggested citation: United Nations Children’s Fund, Child and Family Tracker (CFT), UNICEF, Kathmandu, Nepal, April 2022


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- January 2023 findings

- Child and Family Tracker special edition: New mayors new challenges - November 2022

- Child and Family Tracker special edition: Needs/challenges perceived by newly-elected mayors and officials in palikas - November 2022

- April 2022 summary

- April 2022 findings

- Assessing the Secondary Effects of COVID on Families and Children In Nepal - Child and Family Tracker Endline Report

- November 2021 findings

- Child and Family Tracker - ECDI Survey - August 2021

- Child and Family Tracker special edition: Ward level survey of mayors - July 2021

- Continuing children's education in Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic

- July 2021 findings

- Special Survey on Public Health and Social Measures - June 2021

- Rapid Survey on Job and Additional Income Loss - Preliminary findings

- January 2021 findings

- December 2020 findings

- October 2020 findings

- August 2020 findings

- July 2020 findings

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