Uliastai soum now has safe water supply

Installed electro chlorination system.

Tamir Chuluunbaatar
Uliastai water supply system
UNICEF Mongolia
16 December 2020

Zavkhan province center Uliastai now has safe water supply utilizing electrochlorination system. Electrochlorination disinfects the water and makes it safe for human use.

UNICEF Mongolia, partnering with KOICA, installed electro chlorination system that disinfects water at Uliastai's central water distribution system. By installing this system, over 1,200 households, 240 business entities, and 2,000 peri-urban (ger) district households now has clean water supply. 

The water supply facility has never been renovated since 1983. Due to rust, there could have been a potential risk that may affect their health. The installation of this system has improved drinking water requirements for Uliastai residents. 


UNICEF Mongolia