Association Agreement with the European Union

Association Agreement with the European Union

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High level officials from the Republic of Moldova and representatives of the European Union met in Vilnius on 28-29 November 2013 to sign the Association Agreements with the European Union. 

The Association Agreement largely focuses on deepening political and economic relations between the European Union and Moldova with the goal to gradually integrate Moldova into the EU. The Agreement promote reforms in key unifying areas such as human rights and social protection. Moldova’s EU Association Agreement emphasizes also cooperation for the protection and promotion of the rights of the child.

Article 138 of the Agreement mentions that such cooperation shall include “the prevention and combating of all forms of exploitation (including child labour), abuse, negligence and violence against children, including by developing and strengthening the legal and institutional framework as well as awareness-raising campaigns in this domain”.

The agreement encourages also “the exchange of information and best practice on the alleviation of poverty among children, including on measures to focus social policies on children’s well being, and to promote and facilitate children’s access to education”.

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Includes EU/SDC financed project cards: „Strengthening the perinatal system and immunization chain in the Transnistrian region„ and „Strengthening capacity of non-state actors for HIV testing and counselling of most-at-risk adolescents and young people”.
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