Visiting Madagascar

To know more about the situation of children in Madagascar

UNICEF Madagascar
Graffiti à Majunga
UNICEF Madagascar/UNI223803/Ralaivita
18 August 2020

Welcome to Madagascar!

Start your visit by learning a little more about the situation of children.

UNICEF Madagascar/MICS2018

Visiting children at school with Vony

Follow Vony who will guide you through this video!

UNICEF Madagascar/education achievements
Les enfants en préscolaire
Primary school
En primaire ! Tout sourire
Secondary school
Au collège !

Discover Melissa's story

Receiving a quality education means being able to dream

Read the article on Melissa here 


Education in emergencies


Children in catch-up classes

Social protection for students

More details on the education sector?

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We protect our children

Discover how UNICEF supports child protection in Madagascar

UNICEF Madagascar/endviolence
Visiting a Vonjy Center
Youth empowerment 
Protecting children online

More details on the child protection sector?

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Visit a health center!


Basic health centers offer variety of services, covering health or nutrition.

UNICEF Madagascar/health covid19
Taking care of adolescents
Nutrition in the south of Madagascar
Prioritizing early childhood during COVID-19

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More details on the nutrition sector?

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Water is life 

Immerse yourself in southern Madagascar, where drought has been raging for years, through this 360 degree video.  

UNICEF Madagascar/Water Southern Madagascar
Mayors urge their communities to end open defecation
UNICEF Madagascar/sanitation mayors
WASH, a crucial area during the COVID19 pandemic
UNICEF Madagascar/WASH COVID19 en

More details on the water, sanitation and hygiene sector?

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Fair and inclusive policies for all children

Learn about UNICEF's work to influence government policies for children and youth.


Data are essential tools for understanding the situation of children and young people.

UNICEF Madagascar/ MICS survey

Investing in social sectors is essential to ensuring the well-being of children and young people.  

UNICEF Madagascar/Social policy

UNICEF supports the government to strengthen public finances for children.

Social protection programs are also critically important to safeguard the rights of the most vulnerable, even in humanitarian crises.

"If it weren't for the FIAVOTA program, my daughter would already be married by now."

Read the story of Esbelle, a mother and recipient of the Fiavota cash transfer program in the south of the country.

More details on the social policy and social protection sector, public finances for children, data, and the private sector?

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Reporting on young people 

Meet members of the Junior Reporters Club in the studio.  

UNICEF Madagascar/JRC Anosy Region