Official inauguration of three drinking water supply systems in the rural commune of Androhimpano, Western Ampanihy, in the Atsimo-Andrefana Region

05 August 2022
Village et adduction d'eau

Antananarivo, 05 August 2022 – The Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, led by Minister Fidiniavo Ravokatra, in partnership with UNICEF and UKAid, inaugurated three drinking water supply systems in the Androhimpano, Nisoa and Ambalatsimiviky fokontany of the Rural Commune of Androhimpano in Western Ampanihy, in the Atsimo Andrefana Region.

These infrastructures almost offer a new start to the local population, who now has full access to drinking water, also allowing them to improve access to all services related to sanitation and hygiene. The realization of these projects is in line with the vision of the Government in promoting access to water for all, according to the Velirano N°2 of HEM Andry Rajoelina, President of the Republic, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals which aim to increase water supply sources.

Indeed, water scarcity currently affects nearly 40 per cent of the world's population; and in Madagascar 2 out of 3 persons living in rural areas do not have access to improved water sources. The situation in this part of the island is all the more weakened by its blatant exposure to climatic hazards and in particular the drought which is drying up the sources.

Faced with these precarious situations, the drinking water supply system aims to strengthen the resilience of the local population. Composed of a drilling system, a photovoltaic pump, standpipes, a handwashing device for the school as well as supply and distribution pipes with all the accessories, the whole system benefits more than 5,000 people. So many new infrastructures will provide a significant improvement, in particular in the health of the inhabitants and the development of the environment, the village, and the groups of Fokontany where they come from. Residents will drink clean water; children will be able to wash their hands. Moreover, agriculture is expected to develop with more than 5,000 m2 of cultivated areas.

The work was completed in March 2022 after 11 months of construction with funding from UNICEF and UKAid to the tune of more than 1.200 billion Ariary.

"This partnership is a good example of the collaboration between the Malagasy Government and the technical and financial partners, aiming at the development of the country and particularly the Great South," said the Minister in his speech.

"Access to water is a basic essential service for a child to be healthy and have the best start in life. For UNICEF, the establishment of this drinking water supply system is of paramount importance because it makes it possible to solve several problems, in particular chronic malnutrition which aggravates the risks of stunting and the risks of diarrheal diseases or of pneumonia which remain to this day the deadliest diseases for children under five in Madagascar," said Jean-François Basse, UNICEF Representative.

"Many things become possible thanks to accessing to drinking water. Water is both a challenge and an important enabler of development for this region. Without clean water, young children might get sick. Women and girls spend a lot of time and energy walking long distances to get water for the family, whereas they could be doing more productive activities like going to school. We can now celebrate the fact that local people will be able to grow food and water animals, that they can safely and easily access clean water for their health and hygiene," said HE Mr David Ashley, UK Ambassador to Madagascar.


Chateau d'eau
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Andrianantenaina
Pompe d'eau
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Andrianantenaina
Panneau solaire
UNICEF Madagascar/2022/Andrianantenaina

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