10 June 2024

International Day of Play

The very first International Day of Play is just around the corner on 11 June. Are you ready? Learn more out about this historic moment and how you can take part.  Arrow Learn more about International Day of Play 2024 Call to action Join our global community of parents, What is the International Day of Play? , The International Day of Play is a time to celebrate the power of play. It’s a time to raise awareness about how central play is to every child’s development and well-being. And it’s a time when we can come together to make sure that every child is able to fulfil their right to play.  Blocks The power of play, Why is play so important?, Play isn’t just fun, it’s fundamental to children’s development. Play creates powerful learning opportunities – intellectual, social, emotional and physical. Through play, children make connections with others, build leadership skills, develop resilience, navigate challenges and conquer their fears., When is the International Day of Play?, The first ever International Day of Play will take place on 11 June 2024. Blocks The power of play, What’s planned?, There will be a special event at the UN headquarters in New York to mark the first International Day of Play. National events and online activities will be happening around the world., What can I do?, You can take part right from home – whether it’s trying out new play ideas with your children or helping raise awareness with your friends, families and networks about the power of play. And remember, there's no need to wait until 11 June – everyday is an opportunity for playful moments! Blocks The power of play, Fulfilling every child's right to play, Call to action We are the first generation with the knowledge to finally ensure every child has the right to play fulfilled. There are many things that governments can do to ensure children enjoy the right to play.  UNICEF and UNESCO are calling on governments to prioritize four SDG-related outcomes most likely to fulfil the right to play and…, Dive into a world of play, Learn more about the power of play and get inspired
29 November 2023

Learning Passport Jamaica

Learning Passport Jamaica is a digital and mobile educational platform that effectively operates in both online and offline formats, enabling/facilitating accessible learning for all.  This innovative platform provides a gateway to high-quality school content in alignment with the national curriculum, fostering flexible learning and helping…, Advantages of using the Learning Passport in Jamaica   , Supports learning recovery, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 emergency and potential future school closures.  Enhances teachers 'daily pedagogical practices and students' educational experiences.   Builds within teachers the necessary skills to effectively incorporate digital content into their educational practice.  niña está mirando…, Who is the intended audience for Learning Passport in Jamaica?, Students in Grades 1-3 of Primary School, Learning Passport Jamaica provides students with digital content and resources that have been tailored to accomodate a diverse range of learning styles and individual needs.   These materials facilitate the acquisition and refinement of crucial skills through engaging, interactive, and motivating methods.   The platform boasts a diverse range of…, Parents and Caregivers, The platform will also include content dedicated to helping parents and caregivers effectively engage and support their children while using the platform; offering valuable guidance to enhance/maximize/optimize the learner's educational experience., Teachers, Learning Passport Jamaica will provide educators with a range of tools and strategies to support both teaching and students’ learning and assessment.   Teachers will have access to lesson plans, interactive worksheets, activities, video lessons, story reading, videos, games, songs, quizzes, homework assignments, and assessment activities, as well…