The climate-changed child

A children's climate risk index supplement

Tres niños juegan en lo que ahora es una área seca en el pueblo de Geokaloi, Pakistán.


Children are not like little adults. Their bodies and minds are uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change such as pollution, deadly diseases and extreme weather. Yet they have been either ignored or largely disregarded in the global climate change discourse and financing.

While countries all over the world face water stress as they struggle to balance demand with available supplies in a changing climate, the combination of physical water scarcity and inadequate infrastructure for drinking water services creates water vulnerability. Managing water scarcity and reducing water vulnerability will require much stronger action in national adaptation plans and climate finance investments.

Putting children at the centre of the global response to the climate crisis will not only protect the health and well-being of children, but also lead to stronger communities and more resilient economies.

A mother and daughter look out over submerged houses in Panyagor in Twic East, South Sudan.
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