Prepare to act!

Practical tips for adolescents and young people to help you prepare for climate advocacy and action

Prepare to act!
UNICEF LACRO/2021/Daviron


A great way to prepare yourself for climate action is to follow the advice of other adolescents and young people who already have experience in activism and climate advocacy.
In this booklet you will find a series of tips from youth to youth who want to advocate and act for the climate. The booklet begins by explaining what we mean when we talk about adolescent and youth participation. It also provides general tips for safe and meaningful participation, and specific advice for each of the situations identified by youth activists, such as participating in panels, building alliances and how to prepare for an interview. Finally, it includes a list of useful resources that adolescent and young people can use to achieve their goals as climate activists.

Prepare to act!
Sara Cognuck González and Emilia Numer
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Spanish, English

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