16 April 2024

Parenting in the digital world. How can you keep your child safe online

As your child grows, it is likely they are spending more and more time online. There are so many positive things about being online like staying connected with friends and family, pursuing interests, and being part of communities. But it is not always a safe and positive experience for children. Here's how you can help your child maximize all the…, 1. Set clear ground rules, Have honest conversations with your children about who they communicate with and how, and who can see what they post online.  Explain that anything that goes online – pictures, videos, comments, things they share with others and what others post and share with them and about them – leaves behind a trail of information about them. To make sure they…, 2. Use technology to protect them, Check that your child’s device is always updated and running the latest software, and that privacy settings are on and configured to minimize data collection so that people don’t see any information that you don’t want them to see. Help your child learn to keep personal information private. If your privacy settings are not secure, anyone can see…, 3. Spend time with them online, Create opportunities for your child to have safe and positive online interactions with friends, family and you. Connecting with others can be an excellent opportunity for you to model kindness and empathy in virtual interactions. Help your child recognize and avoid misinformation and disinformation, age-inappropriate content and content that can…, 4. Model healthy online habits, Promote positive online behaviour by practicing it yourself. Be mindful of the example you set and what you share online about your child, including their photos and videos. Encourage your child to be kind online and to support friends and family by sending positive messages or emojis. If they have classes online, encourage them to be respectful…, 5. Let them have fun and express themselves, Spending time online can be a great opportunity for your children to be creative, learn, use their voices to share their views and support causes that are important to them. Encourage your child to use resources on the internet to help them get up and get moving, like online exercise videos for children and video games that require physical…
13 January 2024

Strategies to end violence against children

Go to:  Home Parenting  |  Early learning Early learning  |  Nurturing care Nurturing care  |  Health Health  |  Security and protection Security and protection  |  Short masterclasses for parents and caregivers Short masterclasses for parents and caregivers In Latin America and the Caribbean, approximately two in three children are victims of…, Ending violence against children, Ending violence against children 1-Ending violence against children Daviron 2023 Ending violence against children 2-Ending violence against children Daviron 2023 Ending violence against children 3-Ending violence against children Daviron 2023 Ending violence against children 5-Ending violence against children Daviron 2023 Ending violence against…, Nurturing the well-being of parents and caregivers, Nurturing 2-2-Nurturing Daviron 2023 Nurturing 2-3-Nurturing Daviron 2023 Nurturing 2-4-Nurturing Daviron 2023 Nurturing 2-5-Nurturing Daviron 2023 Nurturing 2-6-Nurturing Daviron 2023 Nurturing 2-7-Nurturing Daviron 2023 Nurturing 2-8-Nurturing Daviron 2023 Nurturing Nurturing Nurturing Nurturing Nurturing Nurturing Nurturing child 3-2-child…, We can all contribute to end violence against children, contribute 5-1-contribute Daviron 2023 contribute 5-2-contribute Daviron 2023 contribute 5-3-contribute Daviron 2023 contribute 5-4-contribute Daviron 2023 contribute 5-5-contribute Daviron 2023 contribute 5-6-contribute Daviron 2023 contribute contribute contribute contribute contribute contribute