What is climate governance?

A guide to understanding national climate governance and climate negotiations

header cover What is climate governance
UNICEF LACRO/2020/Daviron


A guide detailing climate governance and the decision-making process at the national and international levels, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, how it works and the mechanisms for participation.

The document begins with the multilevel climate governance and its implications for climate change decision-making processes. Then, explains the development of climate governance at the national level, analyzing who its actors are and in which processes there may be opportunities to participate. It is followed by a detailed analysis of how international negotiations on climate change are taking place, explaining how their processes work, the relevant instances and how social actors are organized to participate. In the document you can find examples of how young people are influencing national and international climate governance.

Lastly, we share information about the Escazú Agreement, a pioneering treaty intended to guarantee the full and effective implementation of access rights and help protect the environment and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What is climate governance?
Sara Cognuck González and Emilia Numer
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Spanish, English, French