Harnessing the power of new technologies to improve our educational practices

An overview of educational technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A boy uses a laptop in a classroom.
UNICEF/UNI144431/Giacomo Pirozzi


These documents were prepared by the EdTech Hub for UNICEF LACRO, with the purpose of explore the possibilities of digital technologies to enhance our educative practices.

The first one Understanding the Potential of Using EdTech to Measure and Mitigate Learning Losses in Latin America and the Caribbean aims to support UNICEF country offices and partners in the LAC region to use the potential of digital technologies to assess learning losses and inform the recovery of learning losses. The research found that there are limited EdTech approaches to measuring and mitigating learning losses, and fewer still that are specific to the LAC region. However, the document expand key information on what is understood about learning losses and how they can be quantified, what common guidance and evidence suggest are the most effective ways to mitigate Covid-19-specific learning losses with the support of new technoliges; and how established EdTech tools and non-tech-based approaches can be leveraged and applied to both processes.

The second one Mapping and Analysing Digital Learning Platforms in Latin America and the Caribbean presents a curated list of digital learning platforms in the region and an analysis of a shortlisted series of platforms intending to explore their potential for at-scale implementation and impact. The report does not aim to cover every leading and innovative digital learning platform in the LAC region. Rather, it presents a list of promising platforms and discusses their design and implementation to explore their relevance and potential for at-scale impact.

Natalie Wyss, Christina Myers, Xuzel Villavicencio Peralta, Caitlin Coflan
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