01 April 2024

Crisis in Haiti

Political turmoil, civil unrest, violence, crippling poverty and natural disasters: This deadly combination is jeopardizing the well-being and future of Haiti’s children. More than 3 million children – the highest number on record in Haiti – require humanitarian support.   Despite the insecure and volatile environment, UNICEF is working with…, What’s happening in Haiti?, Even before the current crisis, Haiti was the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, having experienced decades of inadequate basic services and a lack of human capital development, combined with extremely high inequality, marginalization and social exclusion.   These challenges have been compounded by the proliferation of armed groups who are…, How is the crisis affecting children in Haiti?, Una mujer carga a su bebé en la clínica de vacunación del Hospital Inmaculada Concepción en Haití Children and families are enduring relentless waves of brutal violence perpetrated by armed groups. Each day brings new horrors, the loss of loved ones, homes destroyed, and an ever-present shadow of fear. Children are being killed or injured on their…, How is UNICEF helping children in Haiti?, Un niño sonríe mientras revisa el contenido de una mochila negra con el logo de UNICEF Despite the highly volatile environment, UNICEF is stepping up efforts to protect families and provide life-saving support, including for those who are trapped and cut off from essential services. Together with the Government and partners, UNICEF is helping to…, Donate to support UNICEF’s work for Haiti’s children
29 November 2023

Learning Passport Jamaica

Learning Passport Jamaica is a digital and mobile educational platform that effectively operates in both online and offline formats, enabling/facilitating accessible learning for all.  This innovative platform provides a gateway to high-quality school content in alignment with the national curriculum, fostering flexible learning and helping…, Advantages of using the Learning Passport in Jamaica   , Supports learning recovery, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 emergency and potential future school closures.  Enhances teachers 'daily pedagogical practices and students' educational experiences.   Builds within teachers the necessary skills to effectively incorporate digital content into their educational practice.  niña está mirando…, Who is the intended audience for Learning Passport in Jamaica?, Students in Grades 1-3 of Primary School, Learning Passport Jamaica provides students with digital content and resources that have been tailored to accomodate a diverse range of learning styles and individual needs.   These materials facilitate the acquisition and refinement of crucial skills through engaging, interactive, and motivating methods.   The platform boasts a diverse range of…, Parents and Caregivers, The platform will also include content dedicated to helping parents and caregivers effectively engage and support their children while using the platform; offering valuable guidance to enhance/maximize/optimize the learner's educational experience., Teachers, Learning Passport Jamaica will provide educators with a range of tools and strategies to support both teaching and students’ learning and assessment.   Teachers will have access to lesson plans, interactive worksheets, activities, video lessons, story reading, videos, games, songs, quizzes, homework assignments, and assessment activities, as well…
22 November 2023

Learning Passport Costa Rica

Aprendo Pura Vida is Costa Rica's Learning Passport digital educational platform, providing Costa Rican students with a comprehensive selection of free courses in an asynchronous format. This initiative was established in partnership by the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) and UNICEF Costa Rica, effectively merging several pre-existing programs…, A demonstrative practice from Costa Rica to the world, A girl holds up a banner about technology The platform's automatic registration process - which utilized the institutional email accounts for students, teachers, and administrators within the system - played a key role in facilitating this achievement. This streamlining of registration procedures propelled the widespread adoption of Aprendo Pura…, Emphasis on teacher training, An adolescent is using a laptop UNICEF/UN0751173/Cenepo Aprendo Pura Vida provides training courses for students, but also for teachers, aimed at establishing the groundwork for the integration of technology in education. This approach has been shown to have a significant impact on the learning outcomes of children and adolescents.   A group of…, High-quality educational content, The platform provides top-quality resources and content relevant to teachers and students across various grade levels. It also offers courses encompassing subjects necessary for all educational stages. Aprendo Pura Vida’s digital learning resources deliver content through a diverse range of media formats; facilitating increased student engagement…, Future actions, The Ministry of Public Education, in collaboration with UNICEF Costa Rica, aims to enhance the Aprendo Pura Vida platform by regularly updating its content to address the evolving learning requirements of students and teachers across the country.