Youth, Protests and the Polycrisis

Exploring how youth protests can help to build public support for change

A young woman at a protest
Sushil Nash by Unsplash


Youth, Protests and the Polycrisis delves into the transformative potential of youth protests, while cautioning about the risks. Although many analyses exist on specific youth protests, fewer studies have global coverage. This paper combines quantitative research on protests with qualitative insights, including from young people themselves, and compiles some of the most valuable global findings. We explore two questions: What are the most relevant trends in youth protests, their context, motivations, methods and impact in the last two decades? And, based on the main drivers of protests, what can we expect in the future?

Cover of Youth, Protests and the Polycrisis featuring a black and white photo of a young woman at a protest
Camila Teixeira
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