What Works to Increase Uptake of Childhood Immunization

A rapid evidence assessment of the impact of interventions targeting caregivers, healthcare workers and communities

6-year-old Mykyta receives his immunizations
UNICEF/U.S. CDC/Unique Identifier/Kasia Strek


Vaccination is one of the most effective measures for preventing illness, disability and death among children. However, current vaccination coverage provides insufficient protection for all children, and deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases account for an estimated 21.7 per cent of deaths in children under 5 years old globally. 

This rapid evidence assessment (REA) looked at the global evidence regarding the  effectiveness of interventions to increase uptake of vaccination services. The findings have global relevance but were also used to make more specific recommendations to address challenges identified in consultations with UNICEF’s Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECARO). 

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Benjamin Hickler; John O'Rourke; Andrea Yearwood; Greg Sheaf; Sergiu Tomsa; Viviane Bianco; Mario Mosquera; Shivit Bakrania
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